Croke Backs Budget Plan Focused on Schools, Public Safety, and Reproductive Freedoms

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SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Focused on building a stronger Illinois that offers more opportunity for
everyone, state Rep. Margaret Croke, D-Chicago, supported a fiscally and socially responsible state
budget plan Saturday that prioritizes investment for classrooms, public safety efforts and critically-
needed health care.

“This balanced budget protects core essential services residents depend on, and is a reflection of our
priorities and values,” Croke said. “It builds on our work to remove dangerous weapons of war from
our streets, and it underscores our commitment to be a national leader when it comes to reproductive

The budget plan Croke supported includes millions more for early childhood education, childcare and
higher education grants that allow more people to pursue a degree. As part of the state’s evidence-
based funding model, schools will see a $350 million funding increase. First responders will receive
$100 million, while another $138 million is headed toward the state’s rainy-day fund to prepare for
future challenges. On top of the state’s statutory requirements, another $200 million will further assist
pension funds and create greater long-term stability.

Croke also led passage this session of a proposal to target school bullying and ensure parents are
informed of what their child is going through (House Bill 3425). She also passed a plan that clarifies
HMO laws to allow patients to access in-network services and providers without actively obtaining a
referral from their primary care physician (House Bill 1186).

“This has been a productive session, but there’s still a lot more work left to do to help families across
our state,” Croke said. “I’m looking forward to the conversations I will have with stakeholders across
our community this summer, and of the solutions we will be able to work on together.”

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