Croke Passes Measure to Show Support Roe v. Wade, Defend Reproductive Rights

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  • Croke Passes Measure to Show Support Roe v. Wade, Defend Reproductive Rights

CHICAGO, Ill. – State Rep. Margaret Croke, D-Chicago, joined efforts by her colleagues on Thursday to preserve women’s reproductive rights by sponsoring a resolution to affirm Illinois’ support for the landmark Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision.

“As a woman’s right to choose is increasingly under attack across the country, the statement we made today in defense of that right could not be more important or more timely,” Croke said. “Illinois is a state full of people that believe that a woman’s decision on this issue should remain between her and her doctor. I am absolutely committed to making sure that doesn’t change.”

Even as reproductive health care rights are under attack across the nation, Illinois stands strong in its commitment to protecting the fundamental right to safe and legal reproductive health care free from excessive government restrictions. As such, Croke voted for House Resolution 789 to bring further awareness to the importance of reproductive rights and to promote Illinois as a role model for other states as they strive toward full reproductive justice.

Underpinning the importance of reproductive rights is the U.S. Supreme Court’s decisions in Roe v. Wade, which protects a person’s right have an abortion. Croke sponsored House Resolution 790 to support the decision, which is in danger of being overturned due to the newly conservative Supreme Court. Though judges and legal scholars on all ends of the political spectrum have repeatedly affirmed Roe v. Wade, House Resolution 790 is a strong reminder of Illinois’ support for this essential landmark decision. 

Performing a safe, legal abortion in Illinois is not a crime and that’s why Croke voted for House Bill 1464, to ensure our doctors are not punished by other states’ draconian laws. House Bill 1464 clarifies that a doctor licensed in Illinois cannot be disciplined in Illinois if another state suspends or revokes their license for participating in or performing an abortion. This bill protects doctors from unnecessary sanctions so they can continue to provide the vital health care services Illinoisans need.

Finally, Planned Parenthood is a top provider of the services and principles supported in today’s resolutions. Croke voted for House Resolution 94 to urge the full funding of Planned Parenthood so that they can continue to perform essential reproductive and general health care services for the people of Illinois.

“I know anti-choice legislators are gearing up their typical platitudes in an attempt to defend their indefensible positions,” Croke said. “But I want something to be clear: anyone painting the choice to have an abortion as thoughtless is absolutely wrong. As a woman who is 21 weeks pregnant, I can’t help but sympathize with other women who have to make such a difficult decision.”

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