October 2021 Newsletter

The winter weather is slowly approaching. Here are some helpful tips to make the cold months ahead more bearable.

First and foremost, protect yourself and loved ones from COVID-19 by continuing to follow CDC guidelines. The COVID-19 booster shot is being offered at clinics and pharmacies across the Chicago area for those who are eligible. Find a local Chicago clinic here.

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is now available for everyone ages 5 and older. If you have any questions, visit the CDC website for more information and to find a vaccine provider.

The COVID vaccine isn’t the only shot we need to get right now! It’s also that time of year to schedule your flu shot. Stay healthy during the flu season and schedule your appointment at your local pharmacy or doctor’s office.

Making sure we’re all safe and healthy allows us to take full advantage of this special time of year. One of my favorite seasonal activities is the Lincoln Park Zoo Lights! Check out the lights and brand new lion house this season!

Repeal of PNA

The repeal of the parental notice of abortion is now on its way to the governor’s desk to be signed into law. I voted to repeal PNA because it will ensure our most vulnerable youth have access to the compassionate care they need. This is one way we are stepping up to protect women’s reproductive rights, and it makes Illinois 100% pro-choice.

I spoke with WGN Radio’s Steve Bertrand about why I supported the repeal to help young women across our state get the healthcare they deserve.

Lincoln Park Zoo Pepper Family Wildlife Center Opening

Earlier this month, the newly renovated Pepper Family Wildlife Center reopened! I had the opportunity to tour the facility during the renovation process and gained an appreciation for the environmental and animal friendly elements. The four new lions are awaiting more visitors.

Pitch in for the Parks

Gold Coast Neighbors Association wrapped up the “Pitch in for the Parks” 2021 initiative of the Chicago Parks Foundation. My office participated in a few of the clean-up sessions this year. We really enjoyed connecting with members of the community while maintaining the great parks that make Chicago unique.


Pumpkin Giveaway

On October 24th, we held a Pumpkin Giveaway in the Alcott Elementary School parking lot. We accepted canned goods for Lakeview Pantry while handing out pumpkins from Von Bergen’s Farm and cookies from Sugar Daddy Chicago. Despite having to end early due to rain, it was a great event.

Small Business Shoutout

Every month we highlight one small business from our district. For November, we are thrilled to feature the Annoyance Theatre!

Step outside your comfort zone and join an improv class or plan a night full of laughs at one of their comedy shows!

If you have a favorite store, restaurant, or other business in the district, let us know at info@repcroke.com and you might see it in a future Small Business Shoutout!

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and enjoyable November,