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We still have some summer left which means we still have a few more weeks to read! 

Our office wants to celebrate reading this summer and remind folks of the countless adventures they can go on just through one simple book. After all, 52% of kids lose 39% of what they’ve learned through the school year over the summer (Atteberry and McEachin). 

The good news: Our district is filled with incredible bookstores, renowned libraries, and tons of small free little libraries. Below is a list of books recommended for each reading level. All can be found at the wonderful Unabridged Bookstore located in Lakeview East!

Where to find books in IL-12: 

What to read?! Recommended books for the whole family

  • Ages 4-8: You Matter 
    Young readers will learn to explore various perspectives highlighting how we all matter.
  • Ages 4-8: Ambitious Girl
    A young girl discovers the challenges faced by women and how they can push back on gender stereotypes.
  • Ages 6-12: Intersectionallies: We Make Room for All
    This book is about a group of young women who support each other and embrace their differences.
  • Ages 8-12: A Quick History of Politics
    A friendly introduction to the world of politics through the history of civic engagement with a touch of humor.
  • Ages 14+: The Hate you Give
    A young adult novel centered around a teen’s response to a police shooting.
  • Adult: Redlined 
    Set in 1960’s Chicago, Redlined explores neighborhood racial change.
  • Adult: A Thousand Splendid Suns
    A Thousand Splendid Suns provides a look into women’s roles within their family and community.