Croke Combats Theft of Catalytic Converters, Works for Public Safety

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CHICAGO, Ill. – In a continued effort to promote public safety, state Rep. Margaret Croke, D-Chicago, backed a measure to combat the theft of catalytic converters currently plaguing Illinois drivers.

“Public safety is a priority for me, and improving that requires a comprehensive approach to addressing the common problems facing our community, such as catalytic converter theft,” Croke said. “This bill, which I am committed to continuing to work on with Reps. Ford, Andrade, and Jacobs, would have directly combatted these crimes, as opposed to imposing draconian punishments that just put more people in jail.”

House Bill 4167 would require scrap metal dealers and automotive parts processors, common purchasers of catalytic converters, to see and record the driver’s license of the owner of the car providing the converter. Croke successfully voted to pass HB 4167 out of the House Transportation: Regulation, Roads and Bridges committee, but it was not addressed on the House floor this session. This legislation was supported by AAA.

“Catalytic converter theft is not a problem that simply affects Chicago. Up and down Illinois, communities are feeling the effects of these crimes,” Croke said. “We cannot allow our state to become a place where drivers feel unsafe just parking outside.”

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